Rod Webber v. Boston Police Department

Yesterday I filed lawsuit against the Boston Police Department (and related individuals and entities).

The following was my release to the press:

Greetings to the members of the Boston Press/ Media.
Within the hour I will be filing my lawsuit against the Boston Police Department and the City of Boston at UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse.
It is my belief that this legal action is necessary to curb the bad behavior of Boston Police and City Officials as it pertains to their sympathy toward violent hate groups in the area.
The brief at hand focuses on the false arrests surrounding the 2019 Straight Pride Parade.
For some background information on my litigation experience, please see the New York Times article regarding my successful lawsuit against The Trump Campaign, The Manchester NH Police and a former FBI agent in the employment of Donald Trump.
Attached is a copy of the Complaint, as well as some photos related to more recent incidents as a reminder of what’s at stake.

I plan to be at the courthouse around noon to answer any questions.

Rod Webber


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